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Our Mission

Marwood's mission is to foster brotherhood among its members in an atmosphere of academic and professional success, made available at an affordable cost. 

Members of Marwood strive to be successful, well-rounded individuals. They place the utmost emphasis upon academics and brotherhood. They are ethical and respectful of all individuals. They are active in their housing organization and dedicated to its mission. They are brothers to one another and proud of their affiliation with Marwood and Purdue University.

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Marwood was established in 1936 when Rev. McFadden held a meeting at the Wesley Foundation to discuss plans for securing a suitable house for starting a Cooperative house. The first house was founded at 204 Marstellar Street. Marstellar Cooperative was first initiated when fifteen Purdue students organized and moved into the house on January 1st, 1937. The house was later known as Marwood Cooperative when it was decided to combine the names of the streets the house was on, the corner of Marstellar and Wood Streets.

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